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Ednk Shade Company Limited is a renowned company that offers home and office solutions for the protection and security of your wellbeing and properties. Our products are designed to give your home or office and improved look and functions with a degree of convenience that makes it for easier integration or application at your establishment.

We offer prior consultation to our client so that we deliver a tailored solution for them that suits and caters to the demands of their homes or offices.

Our Approach

We value our client and we put considerable amount of effort to understand their needs so that we deliver the best solution in a timely and professional manner.


At EDNK we are always driven by being the most CREATIVE and RELIABLE force in our field which has enabled us to always deliver products which are SAFER and SECURE.


We have a team of seasoned and dedicated technicians, who will install our product to your establishment and guide you all the way to ensure that you get the full benefits of doing business with us..